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The Cardio GOLD Line was meticulously designed on top of well-defined pillars such as innovation, design and GOLD quality. The definition of this line of cardio vascular equipment is thought and designed for those who design high quality service, with an average market price and super competitive.
Its elegant and luxurious appearance, cutting-edge design, and high quality component features make this equipment line a robust series with long-term durability, these features are a step forward in the leading position in the sports and fitness industry.
Demanding customers who are not limited to just price, and who seek to give their customers a super experience, have the opportunity here to guarantee service excellence at a medium/low price.
At home or in the gym, in a group or alone, our cardio equipment is the ideal tool to offer you "THE BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE!", offering maximum stimulation to body and mind.

All equipment is compact, silent and powerful, with user-friendly technology, making the most of each equipment due to its speed of adjustment, thus minimizing the user's loss of time in order to perform an exercise in complete safety.
Its versatility allows it to equip fitness clubs, fitness boutiques, Personal Trainer studios, hotels and even for use by professional trainers from all over the world to provide customers with the best "THE BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE" training. We've designed our range of equipment to be simple, comfortable and safe, while still offering the benefits of complete workouts.

Avant-garde DESIGN
Its design does not go unnoticed, the shapes of the equipment were designed for total harmony between the structure and graceful finishes with refinement. Modern interfaces with LED Touch Digital Display ensure easy and fast use by users. Equipped with sensors that allow you to monitor all training results, maximizing your results.

Our equipment has quality certification of various levels having been subjected to various quality tests, from the construction structure, biomechanics, security systems, biomechanical adjustments, technological systems, durability, among others...
Assured with state-of-the-art technology, highlighted by the use of components from leading brands of the brand, having still a differentiating factor in all racing equipment with automatic lubrication. With an ergonomic design, its performance is extraordinary, in particular, it offers a 21.5-inch (1920x1080) TFT Touch digital screen interface (1920x1080) Wifi, Media, USB, MP3, etc...

We offer universal support for all our equipment, so you can be sure that your ELLIPSE FITNESS equipment will be the best in its class.
We are proud to be suppliers to several world-renowned Fitness chains for over 10 years. We have several training centers related to different sports, from football, basketball, athletics, high-performance sports, among others...