POWER WALKER Ellipse Fitness c3s7mbl2

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The Walker Indoor line is designed and built with the current world of Fitness in mind, all our equipment is extremely reliable and offers the best biomechanics so you can enjoy a comfortable and safe workout.
Featuring the possibility of connectivity, exercises are more effective, engaging and fun than ever. They are an advantageous investment, both for professional use and for home use. At home or at the gym, in a group or alone, our cardio equipment is the ideal tool to give you "THE BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE!", offering maximum stimulation to body and mind.
Exercise bikes are proven to be a fun way to train effectively where you will increase your sporting performance ensuring results. They are perfect for cardiovascular exercises, so they can be used either in a fitness club or at home for personal use, or even in companies, allowing to improve training technique.

The  Walker Indoor line is part of the most demanding cardio-vascular training equipment segment, ensuring high quality service for the customer.
With user-friendly technology, making the most of each equipment due to its quick adjustment, thus minimizing the loss of time for the user to be able to perform an exercise in complete safety.
The frame construction, the inertia wheel, the traction system, the steering wheel powered by as many positions as possible, are highlights of the quality of standard equipment.

Our POWER WALKER offers a wide range of features; you can optionally associate training monitoring in its entirety and thus collect your data while you train. They have an avant-garde design that allows you to replicate three different styles, so you can easily switch from a standard to a high-performance position with minimal effort. A factor of relevance is that they come equipped with a multi-handle steering wheel, where it assumes the best positions for exercises of all possible types.

Our equipment has quality certification at various levels and has undergone several quality tests, from the construction structure, biomechanics, security systems, biomechanical adjustments, adjustment system, durability, among others... The equipment thus ensures great quality , consistency and safety for sports professionals and users.

We offer universal support for all our equipment, so you can be sure that your ELLIPSE FITNESS equipment will be the best in its category.
We are proud to have been a supplier to several world-renowned Fitness chains for over 10 years. We have several training centers related to different sports, from football, basketball, athletics, high performance sports, among others...