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ELLIPSE FITNESS® is a company / brand that was born in September 2011 with the clear objective of promoting the best fitness experiences to all users, customers and lovers of this magnificent and passionate FITNESS market.
ELLIPSE FITNESS®'s mission is to promote "THE BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE!" people making each moment of their lives unique with a feeling of total happiness. With this objective in mind, we plan, design and produce high-tech, innovative and above all high-quality fitness equipment, thus providing the best Fitness equipment, services, content and programs. All equipment uses cutting edge technology to connect with each other so that users can have an unforgettable experience wherever they are.
We thus present a wide range of equipment, from Bodybuilding, Cardio Fitness, Free Weights, Cycling, Flooring, Group Classes, Functional Training, Accessories, Access control, among others ...
Anyone who chooses ELLIPSE FITNESS® products ensures their best option, with ELLIPSE FITNESS® equipment they will be training on equipment of the highest level.
Thanks to the extensive range of equipment and solutions available, ELLIPSE aims to help people achieve their sporting and wellness goals. Whatever the desired performance of your training, from weight loss, strength training through exercises aimed at increasing flexibility or even focused on cardio-vascular training, with ELLIPSE equipment, users can achieve all this and much more. more.
We intend that ELLIPSE customers have absolutely everything they need for their clubs in our company, with this objective we provide full monitoring both in the purchase of equipment where you get everything you need for your club, as well as in after-sales service and technical assistance. personalized.
The sales concept that we have is not limited to supply, but to serve and collaborate actively in everything that the customer needs directly or through our resellers or even Distributors / Representatives.
Our company has technicians with experience in vast sports areas, who can provide support from the Layout, in the different phases of the design of a sports center, whatever the category.





The YOURFIT PROGRAMS® brand is a project born from the passion for physical activity, promoting a healthy life and a sustainable planet with happier people.

The goal is to bring to the well-known fitness market, to all clubs the best experiences for group classes lovers, creating and promoting daily magic; making each class, each moment unique and thus increasing the expected results, that is, healthy body and mind.

Our project consists of a group of professionals 100% involved in physical activity.
Our greatest advantage is the vast training and extensive experience in the fitness sector.

We have a passion for sport (fitness), promoted in group classes to the sound of the best songs, with the best movements and of course the best Instructors.


“We are passionate about the world of Fitness!
 Our commitment is to share that passion with the world."
 António Teixeira, Co-Founder & CEO





YOURFIT® EQUIPMENT was born in 2020, where we designed and created products / equipment for Premium Home Fitness use, highly innovative and with avant-garde design.
We design high performance equipment, thus creating a new generation of training in your home.

Our mission is to create the desire to practice sport and make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the largest number of people, in a sustainable way.
Our customers' happiness and life improvement through sports are our passion!

YOURFIT® EQUIPMENT's objective is to synchronize and connect all your equipment with the best experience, providing a wide range of training developed by the best fitness professionals, so they can train accompanied without leaving home achieving the best results!

We have several equipments prepared for professional use, thus granting a quality of excellence enhancing business such as equipment for Hotels, Training Centers, Fitness Boutiques, Personal Trainer centers, among others ...

PREMIUM has never been easier! Welcome to the new generation of Fitness!