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ELLIPSE FITNESS guarantees all equipment it sells, in accordance with the general conditions stipulated for each line/equipment (+info in ELLIPSE CARE).
In order to meet the needs of its customers, ELLIPSE FITNESS has its own support lines that provide solutions, spare parts, technical assistance and also the possibility of executing customized technical maintenance contracts.

Technical assistance solutions are provided in each country represented by official distributors by their own, safeguarded and guided by the ELLIPSE FITNESS brand, ensuring all the accessories and parts necessary for the solution.

We recommend preventive technical maintenance, which is essential for the guarantee of the equipment, which will ensure its proper functioning as well as greater reliability and durability.

Preventive maintenance plans are governed by minor repairs, replacement of fast-wearing parts, lubrication, adjustments, cleaning, etc… The purpose of this maintenance is to maintain the proper functioning of the equipment.

To ensure a quick and effective technical assistance service, we suggest the conclusion of preventive maintenance contracts, with a visit from technicians to be defined (ex: 1/2 visits per month).
Requests for technical assistance must be communicated, sent and requested to the following contact: