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The SPORT LINE line is conceived and designed for clubs whose focus is on high-level service, allowing total service, thus creating training potential for all levels, including professional athletes to reach their maximum potential.
With easy-to-use technology for the user, it guarantees maximum profitability in each of the equipment due to its quick adjustment, thus minimizing the user's loss of time to be able to exercise in complete safety.
Its elegant appearance, and features high quality components, make this line of equipment a robust series with long term durability, advanced biomechanics is undoubtedly a leader in the sports and fitness industry with exquisite aluminum finishes.

The machines with resistance (kg) by SPORT LINE plates are versatile allowing to equip fitness clubs, fitness boutiques, Personal Trainer studios, hotels and even to be used by professional trainers all over the world to provide clients with the best training "THE BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE". We've designed our range of equipment to be as simple and comfortable as possible, while still offering the benefits of a complete workout.

Our equipment has multi-level quality certification having been subjected to various quality tests, from the construction structure, biomechanics, security systems, biomechanical adjustments, CAM system, durability, among others... The equipment thus ensures great quality , consistency and security for sports professionals and users.

We offer universal support for all our equipment, so you can be confident that your ELLIPSE FITNESS equipment will be the best in its class.
We are proud to have been suppliers to several world-renowned Fitness chains for over 10 years. We have several training centers related to different sports, from football, basketball, athletics, high-performance sports, among others...