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The ELLIPSE cardio line is designed and built with the current world of Fitness in mind, all our equipment is extremely reliable and offers the best biomechanics so that you can enjoy a comfortable and safe workout. Thanks to their connectivity, the exercises become more effective, engaging and fun than ever. They are an advantageous investment, both for professional and home use.
At home or in the gym, in a group or alone, our cardio equipment is the ideal tool to offer you "THE BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE!", Offering maximum stimulation to your body and mind.

All equipment is compact, quiet and powerful, with technology that is easy for the user to use, making the most of each equipment by its speed of adjustment, thus minimizing the user's time loss in order to perform an exercise in complete safety.
Its versatility allows it to equip fitness clubs, fitness boutiques, Personal Trainer studios, hotels and even when used by professional coaches from around the world to provide customers with the best training "THE BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE". We designed our range of equipment to be simple, comfortable and safe, while offering the benefits of complete training.

Its design does not go unnoticed, the shapes of the equipment were designed for total harmony between the structure and graceful finishes with refinement. Modern interfaces with LED Touch digital display ensure quick and easy use by users. Equipped with sensors that allow you to monitor all training results, maximizing your results.

Our equipment has quality certification of several levels having been subjected to several quality tests, from the construction structure, biomechanics, security systems, biomechanical adjustments, technological systems, durability among others ...
Ensured with cutting edge technology highlighted by the use of leading brand components such as Mitsubishi (Japan), TEKA (Germany) and SKF (Sweden), with a differentiating factor in all racing equipment with automatic lubrication.
We highlight the Freelander equipment, it is the first running equipment designed to satisfy the most demanding athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is perfect for individual training and running or bootcamp classes. Thanks to the exclusive Multidrive ELLIPSE-PRO, it allows cardio and strength exercises to be performed on a single machine. Sled Push mode simulates the weight and inertia of a loaded sled for maximum acceleration and sprint. On the other hand, the Parachute mode allows you to train at maximum speed, simulating the traction of an open parachute, which increases the resistance proportionally to the athlete's speed. Also equipped with a vibration system to ensure ultimate relaxation. Featuring an ergonomic design and a large flat belt, its performance is extraordinary, in particular, it offers a 21.5 inch (1920x1080) TFT Touch digital screen interface Wifi, Media, USB, MP3.

We offer universal support for all of our equipment, so you can be sure that your ELLIPSE FITNESS equipment will be the best in its categories.
It is with pride that we have been suppliers of several fitness chains with world renown for over 10 years. We have several training centers related to different sports, from football, basketball, athletics, high performance sports, among others ...